Woodbridge towing serviceExperiencing a car breakdown while in the middle of the road can be a very frustrating experience. Not knowing what to do next, or which towing service company to call can be even more frustrating. One of the best decisions you can make during that time is to call a nearby towing or roadside assistance service to come to your location and get you rescued. Roadside assistance companies provide services such as towing, battery boosting, winching and many more. These services can help you fix a bra situation you are experiencing on the road.  While many professional towing companies will offer very competitive prices, there are still other factors that can affect the overall cost.

It is important for you to know such factors as they will determine the final cost of the roadside assistance. Here are some of these factors.


Location of the Incidence

One of the many factors that determine the cost of towing service is the location of the incident. The cost will be related to the area where you are stranded, and the company will charge you depending on whether you are in a residential area, highway, or whichever location you are stuck. If your car has gone off-road and gets stuck in a ditch, it will require heavy machines and specialized skills to get it out. This is to mean the company will charge you more when you are stranded at such places.


Time of the incidence

Time also plays a major role in determining the cost of a towing service. Almost all towing companies charge more to provide their services at night as compared to how they would charge during the day. This means your chosen towing company may charge you in case you call them during the night. The price may also be affected by other factors such as public holiday as fewer options will be available during those days. It is always a good idea to talk to your towing services provider and negotiate on the price they tell you to pay.


Distance Required

The distance required to reach you is also a major factor in determining the price you have to pay. Some companies don’t charge for distances under a certain limit. However, they also charge per mile after a certain limit. If the distance required to reach your location is longer than a short haul journey, be sure the company will charge you for the same. Therefore, it is important to ensure you get quality services if you are paying for everything. A professional towing company should reach you on time and offer unparalleled services at any time of the day.


Size of your vehicle

Another determining factor that affects the cost of towing is the size of your vehicle. Bigger and heavier vehicles such as 4x4s, buses among others will require bigger towing trucks, and that translates to the cost going higher. You need to point out the accurate information of the type of your vehicle so that you make towing operations smooth and efficient. If you have no idea about the particulars of your vehicle, send them a picture or refer to the owner’s manual.

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