Woodbridge Roadside assistanceO’ the simple joys of a road trip amongst family and friends. Conversations, the great outdoors, freshly brewed morning coffee, and the delight of adventure on the wide-open road. What could go wrong? Well, when it comes to road trips a failure to plan is a plan for failure. You are only as good as the vehicle you’re driving and the supplies you bring, which is why we have the definitive best 4 things to do before your next road trip.


1 – Make Sure Your Vehicle is Roadworthy


A roadworthy vessel is the most important ingredient for a successful road trip. We suggest you start with the tires, checking for tread wear or deformations of the rubber. Also, you can inspect the sidewalls of the tires for dry rot, and make sure the tire pressure is within manufacturer specifications. Another important thing to check is your vehicle’s fluid levels, and oil levels. Without proper lubrication and cooling your road trip may not get very far. Keeping up with your car’s maintenance before getting on the road will ensure you have a great road trip experience.


2 – Bring emergency supplies


Having the proper supplies during a road trip will make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. We suggest that you bring things such as fix-a-flat, jumper cables or a jump box, and a small tool kit. Having a product such as fix-a-flat Will allow you to get your car out of a sparsely populated area and back to civilization, where you can find a proper tire shop. You’ll be able to reinflate your tire and buy yourself another couple hundred miles, which is a massive bang for your buck at only 10 dollars a can. Jumper cables are also vital for any road trip. if you happen to encounter a dead battery necessary to have a pair of jumper cables to get your vehicle back on the road. And lastly, having a small tool kit on hand will allow you to make small, on-the-spot fixes that will buy you time and mileage in a pinch.


3 – Get Nationwide Towing Coverage


Nationwide towing coverage is incredibly valuable on a road trip. If all else fails you can always depend on your towing coverage to help you out. On a dark desert highway or in an east coast forest they will provide the support you need. Both towing service and roadside assistance can come in handy. The value and insurance that nationwide towing coverage provides is an insane value at the entry-level price points most companies charge for such a comprehensive service. Sure, it takes a bit of the danger and adventure out of the road trip, but it certainly beats sitting on the side of a desolate road.


4 – Plan Your Route


Having a plan is the way to go when traveling by car, plane or any type of transport. Using Google maps or other mapping tools to find efficient routes around crowded areas, will enable you to see more of the sites you set out to visit and keep you away from unnecessary traffic. If you follow our comprehensive guide, we guarantee your next road trip will be a blast.

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