Woodbridge Tire ChangeAs any driver will tell you, getting a flat tire is a common problem but very inconvenient. It is said that most vehicle owners will encounter five flat tires in their lifetime, so it pays to know what to do next. Sure, you could dial your local tow truck company and request roadside assistance, but with this tutorial, you will learn how to change a flat tire all by yourself. The process is simple and initiative, it just takes a little bit of know-how and elbow grease. Old school skills like changing your own tire will save you time, and money in the long run. Check out this step-by-step guide, and don’t let a simple fix like a flat tire ruin your busy schedule.


Step One – Find Safety


The first thing to do if you catch a flat tire is to pull as far off the main road as possible or find safety in a parking lot or other area. Changing a tire on the side of the road is highly dangerous and requires caution.

Step Two – Loosen Lugs


Contrary to your intuition it is important to break loose the lug nuts before jacking up your vehicle. Use the lug wrench that is included where your spare tire is to loosen the lugs. This step is imperative to perform with the car on the ground. The weight of the vehicle and friction keep the wheel from turning as you break the tight grip of the lug nuts.


Step Three – Jack Up the Vehicle


Now is the time to be extra careful, fetch the small jack that comes with your car and place it underneath a metal chassis beam. Make sure it is on a solid piece of the frame near the tire that needs to be replaced before continuing. After you have put the jack in a perfect location you can begin to jack the car off the ground.


Step Four – Remove Flat Tire


Once the vehicle has the flat tire suspended in the air you can finish taking the lug nuts off and removing the wheel off of the posts. (pro tip: after removed, take the wheel and place it under your car near the jack, if by any chance your car falls off the jack the wheel will keep it off the ground so you can re-jack it up.)


Step Five – Put on the Spare


Next, take your spare tire, place it on the lug posts and slide it all the way on. Grab your 5 (or 6) lug nuts and tighten in a star pattern. Start with the top center, then bottom right, left, right, then bottom left. Use your lug wrench to get each lug nut about 90% tightened on.


Step Six – Snug up your lug nuts


This is the sixth and final step. You will remove your flat wheel from underneath the car and then slowly lower the jack until the car is supporting itself normally. Take your lug wrench and in the same star pattern give each lug nut a finally tightening to ensure everything is safe and secure. And that’s all folks! Use this guide next time you need to change a flat tire, and save yourself some valuable time and money!

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