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tow truck WoodbridgeWoodbridge is a small town that has a family mentality, which is why Tow Recover Rescue is honored to provide first-class towing service and roadside assistance to this great community. Tow Recover Rescue is a family-owned business and continues to bring our family values to our customers. Our diverse towing service encompasses a wide range of towing capabilities including motorcycle towing, light-duty towing, medium-duty towing, heavy-duty towing, and commercial vehicle wrecker service. We cover everything from scooters to 18-wheelers. If your vehicle can fit on the roads, our vehicles have what it takes to tow it. Tow Recover Rescue is not limited to towing service, we also offer our incredible emergency roadside assistance. Our roadside assistance is unmatched in speed, affordability, and customer service. tow truck Woodbridge VAAs a family business, we treat our customers like family. When you need roadside assistance and are stuck in a compromised situation, we do everything we can to reach your location and get you out of danger quickly. Our roadside assistance options include tire change service, lockout assistance, accident recovery, fuel delivery, and jump-start service. All of our roadside assistance options and towing services are available 24/7. We accept cash as well as all major credit cards for payment. We are the most customer-friendly, dependable, and trustworthy tow truck company in the area. The Tow Recover Rescue team is here for you, whenever you find yourself in need.


Premium Towing Services

towing service Woodbridge VA

Tow Recover Rescue is the most trusted name for towing service in Woodbridge Virginia. Our reputation has been built over 2 decades of incredible towing and customer service. During that time period, we have had zero safety violations and earned a 5-star safety rating. We don’t look at towing as our industry, we look at it as a passion. A way of giving back to our community. All of our tow trucks are flatbeds, which gives our customers a premium towing service that eliminates unwanted wear and tear on customers’ vehicles. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are on call, and ready for any towing service request.


Light-Duty Towing Service That’s Built For You

Woodbridge Flat bed towing

Years ago we realized that our community had no light-duty and specialty vehicle towing options. In response to the clear deficiency, we developed the service our customers needed. Light-duty towing is not just for small vehicles, we built our service to bring proper technique and care when towing antiques as well as low clearance vehicles. Tow Recover Rescue specifically trained staff on how to handle food loading and securing fragile vehicles. We also do an extensive pre-trip inspection to ensure safety during transport. There is no light-duty towing service quite like ours, with our attention to detail, and incredible value. Pick up the phone and call anytime, Tow Recover Rescue would love to assist.


Versatile Medium-Duty Towing Service


When you think of utility, you are thinking of Tow Recover Rescue’s medium-duty towing service. Our service is the best in class, with unparalleled safety and a wide scope of effectiveness. We treat our customers like family and treat their vehicles like they are our own. Anytime you call Tow Recover Rescue you can expect excellent customer service, premium towing service, and an affordable price.


The Toughest Heavy-Duty Towing Servicetowing Woodbridge VA


Tow Recover Rescue has heavy-duty towing service that is a step above the rest. While the other guys may struggle to handle some of the larger trucks and SUVs on the roads, Woodbridge Tow Truck has the team and equipment to tow any vehicle. Our flatbed tow trucks are built tough, with heavy-duty hydraulic winches and hydraulic steel beds. We have the experience and understand what it takes to provide excellent heavy-duty towing service to the fine people of Woodbridge. We make sure you’re never stuck for long, so give us a call today, we guarantee your satisfaction.


24-Hour Roadside Assistance With a Smile


Woodbridge Roadside assistanceTow Recover Rescue proudly brings comprehensive roadside assistance to the motorists in our community. Our roadside assistance includes tire change service, lockout assistance, fuel delivery service, accident recovery, and jump-start service. Our entire menu of roadside assistance options is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A minor setback or a major issue we are always here when you need us most. Our team of friendly faces will take care of you like family. When you call Tow Recover Rescue you can feel assured we have the solution to any automotive problem.


Expert Tire Change Service

Tire Change Woodbridge

Don’t let a flat tire delay you any more than it has to. Tow Recover Rescue knows exactly how to help. When it comes to changing a flat tire, it must be done correctly. Improper changing may cause undue stress to more expensive parts of your vehicle, as well as the obvious safety issues a wobbling tire generates. The experts at Woodbridge have changed thousands of tires over the years, we guarantee to get the job done right, and get you back on the road.


Liberating Lockout Assistance


Tow Recover Rescue has the lockout service you need if you ever lock your keys in the car. We arrive at your location quickly and have the right tools for the job. We can pop the locks on your car door without causing any internal or external damage. Put away the wire hanger and stop prying at the door jam. Pick up your phone and let the experts at Woodbridge Tow Truck take care of it.


Worry Free Accident Recovery

Woodbridge Accident recovery

Every driver gets into a fender bender in their life. We know it can be stressful and frustrating. With our accident recovery service, we make it as worry-free as possible. Just one phone call and our technician will arrive at your location and get to work. We keep a friendly and calm disposition to make our customers feel a sense of comfort during an unfortunate time.


Juiced-Up Jump-Start Service

Woodbridge Jump start

Tow Recover Rescue brings the juice when it comes to jump-starting your vehicle. There is no need to try jump-starting your own car without the right tools for the job. We have heavy-duty jump boxes and jumper cables at the ready. Make Tow Recover Rescue your first and only call when you need a jump-start.


Fill ‘Er Up Fuel Delivery


Nothing is worse than being stuck on the side of the road because you ran out of fuel. Tow Recover Rescue has exactly what you need with our fuel delivery service. Our trucks house separate fuel tanks for gasoline octane 89 and 93, as well as diesel fuel. We keep a 5 gallon minimum of each fuel on hand at any given time. Our fuel delivery service gives you the flexibility to get back on schedule now and fuel up later.


As one of the leading towing companies in the Woodbridge, VA area, it should come as no surprise that the great people of Tow Recover Rescue are here for you. Whether you need towing services, roadside assistance service or something else, our team of highly skilled drivers is ready and waiting. Give us a call and see why so many in and around Woodbridge, VA, have trusted all of their towing needs. Below you will find some of the excellent services that we offer to our great clients.

Towing Services in WoodbridgeWoodbridge towing

As the premier towing service in Woodbridge, the Tow Recover Rescue team is undoubtedly here for you. Our towing services are offered on a 24/7 basis and no matter where, no matter when our fleet of tow trucks is ready to serve. We offer light duty towing services, medium duty towing services and heavy duty towing services. Whether you are a Prius or an 18-wheeler, the Tow Recover Rescue team has you covered from bumper to bumper.

Flatbed hauling in Lake Ridge

If you have been looking for a quality flatbed hauling partner, then it is about time that you contacted the great people at Tow Recover Rescue. We have been the go-to option in Lake Ridge and can assist with any flatbed hauling that you may have. From hauling vehicles to cargo, our fleet of flatbed tow trucks has all of your towing needs taken care of.


Motorcycle towing in Dale City

As one of the only towing companies in Dale City that can handle motorcycles, we chatted about time. It takes skill to haul a motorcycle, and from loading to unloading, the team at Tow Recover Rescue has been completing these jobs for years. Now is the time to take advantage of our great rates and have the real experts handle your motorcycle towing job! From mechanics to new bikes, our flatbed is here for you and your motorcycle!

Specialized towing in DumfriesAccident Recovery Woodbridge

If you are looking for quality specialized towing in Dumfries, then it is about time that you got in touch with the experts at Tow Recover Rescue. We have been providing quality specialized towing jobs since our inception. No matter the industry, our team has worked with great clients to provide them with the towing services they needed. From working with construction companies to move small equipment to oversized cargo that was too small for an 18-wheeler, the team at Tow Recover Rescue has done it all. With our specialized towing service, we have one guarantee, if your car, cargo, box, or oversized thing fits on our flatbed, the team at Tow Recover Rescue can tow it!

Junk car removal in Lorton

A junk car is doing nothing by sitting in your yard or garage. It is an eyesore, the other half is probably bothering you to get rid of it, and it costs you money. So, instead of saying you will get around to dealing with it, call the experts at Tow Recover Rescue and utilize our junk car removal services. We pay top dollar for your Lorton beater and can provide removal services on your schedule. With our junk car removal service, you get cold hard cash, and we get rid of that junker that has been doing nothing but rust on your property!


Long distance towing in TriangleWoodbridge Tow Truck

If you are looking for long distance towing in the Triangle area, then it is about time that you called the team at Tow Recover Rescue. We have been providing long distance towing for years, and with our regional rates, your wallet will not even hurt. From regional to county long distance towing, the only name you need to know is Tow Recover Rescue for all of your towing needs!

Parking lot management in Quantico

Parking lot management is a challenging job, and for the team at Tow Recover Rescue, we have been doing this job since our inception in Quantico. With our parking lot management service, you will no longer need to wait for car removal. Instead, the fleet of flatbed tow trucks will ensure a smooth and quick removal is not only possible. It is delivered.

If you are interested in working with Tow Recover Rescue, then give us a call. Our dispatchers are standing by and will provide you with all the information that you need. From towing services to roadside assistance services and everything in between, our 24/7 towing services are here for you in Woodbridge and beyond!

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